Reviews of Food Rules

Rules Worth Following, for Everyone’s Sake

In the more than four decades that I have been reading and writing about the findings of nutritional science, I have come across nothing more intelligent, sensible and simple to follow than the 64 principles outlined in a slender, easy-to-digest new book called “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual,” by Michael Pollan.

How to Eat

The most sensible diet plan ever? We think it's the one that Michael Pollan outlined a few years ago: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” So we're happy that in his little new book, "Food Rules," Pollan offers more common-sense rules for eating: 64 of them, in fact, all thought-provoking and some laugh-out-loud funny.

Food Rule No. 1: Share Your Tasty Recipes

Clarity and inspiration both are to be found in a small book by journalism professor and food writer Michael Pollan. His "Food Rules" are direct, amusing and encouraging. Just what some of us need when our New Year's resolve is dissolving into excuses.

64 Rules for Eating Right from Michael Pollan

Meant to be a simple guide to eating, something anyone can use without reading through a lot of science and nutrition research.

Michael Pollan Offers 64 Ways to Eat Food

"A useful and funny purse-sized manual that could easily replace all the diet books on your bookshelf."

Rules for People Who Want to be Told What, When and How to Eat

It doesn't get much easier than this. Each page has a simple rule, sometimes with a short explanation, sometimes without, that promotes Pollan's back-to-the-basics-of-food (and-food-enjoyment) philosophy.