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Michael Pollan on ABC’s Good Morning America

Michael Pollan talks to Good Morning America about the new, illustrated edition of Food Rules.

Michael Pollan on The Colbert Report

Michael Pollan talks about the new, Illustrated Food Rules and gives Stephen Colbert some home brew.

New York, NY

Book signing at Barnes and Noble, Union Square, 7:00 pm for the newly published, Illustrated Food Rules.

Michael Pollan Answers Readers’ Questions

These questions for Mr. Pollan were submitted by New York Times readers. The first 10 questions below were the most popular among those we received. They were answered by Mr. Pollan on Oct. 6, 2011, after the Food Issue was originally published. Our family is on a budget and can’t afford to eat all organic.

How Change Is Going to Come in the Food System

In the forty years since the publication of Frances Moore Lappé’s Diet for a Small Planet, a movement dedicated to the reform of the food system has taken root in America. Lappé’s groundbreaking book connected the dots between something as ordinary and all-American as a hamburger and the environmental crisis, as well as world hunger. Along with Wendell Berry and Barry Commoner, Lappé taught us how to think ecologically about the implications of our everyday food choices. You can now find that way of thinking, so radical at the time, just about everywhere—from the pages of Time magazine to the menu at any number of local restaurants.

Hartford, CT

The Connecticut Forum at the Bushnell Theater.

Chattanooga, TN

Benwood Foundation event to be held at the Tivoli Theater at 7:00 pm.

Dallas, TX

Southern Methodist University, Tate Series, 8:00 pm

Denver, CO

Paramount Theatre

Boston, MA

Cambridge Speaker Series at Boston Symphony Hall, 8:00 pm