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Seattle, WA—Paperback Tour

Elliott Bay Book Company at Town Hall Seattle, 7:30 PM PT In-person

Philadelphia, PA—Paperback Tour

Free Library of Philadelphia, 7:30 PM ET In-person

New York, NY—Paperback Tour

Barnes & Noble Union Square, 7:30 PM ET In-person

Corte Madera, CA—Paperback Tour

Book Passage, 1 PM PT In-person & virtual

Portland, OR—Paperback Tour

Newmark Theater, presented by Powell’s Books, 7:30 PM PT In-person

San Francisco, CA—Paperback Tour

City Arts & Lectures, 7:30 PM PT In-person

Brooklyn, NY—Paperback Tour

Word Bookstore, 7 PM ET In-person

Grass Valley, CA

The Center for the Arts at The Marisa Funk Theater

The Future of Hope: Michael Pollan and Katherine May

In this episode of the On Being series The Future of Hope, Wintering’s Katherine May draws Michael out on the burgeoning human inquiry and science to which he’s now given himself over — the transformative applications of altered states for healing trauma and depression, for end-of-life care — and the thrilling matter of grasping what